Medical Marijuana

Medical MarijuanaCannabis has a high medicinal value because of the special cannabinoids it contains. Over the last 20 years, two particular cannabinoids have actually shown the greatest medicinal value: THC and CBD. For years breeders all over the world have actually bred their plants especially to improve the cannabinoid profile (many times inadvertently). Now as our knowledge increases about these priceless cannabinoids a more clinical method has been taken when developing hybrids.

With the improvements in mass spectrometers and various other cannabinoid screening gadgets, we are moving forward in our attempts to produce medical strains that fit specific cannabinoid profiles. We have discovered that the ratio between THC and CBD directly affects the medicinal worth of each strain. As we learn more about how specific ratios of these cannabinoids influence specific disorders our medicine comes to be more specific to the conditions they will efficiently treat.

Generally speaking, if a strain has a high CBD content, the THC content will certainly be lower and visa versa. Here are a few of my preferred CBD rich spots and THC rich strains currently available.
CBD Strains

Harlequin – The lineage of Harlequin is a mix of a Thai strain, a Swiss strain, and a Colombian Gold strain. Harlequin’s THC content is comparably reasonable (about 7 %) however this strain has an exceptionally high CBD content of 5-9 %. This sought after strain shows fantastic discomfort, anxiousness, and worry easing qualities while keeping enjoyable cerebral results.

Jamaican Lion – This beast hybrid is a result of breeding the mom plant, Mountain Lion (a combo of 2003 Cannabis Cup winner Rock Bud and Lion Heart from Almighty seeds from Quebec, Canada) with the dad plant, Jamaican Yarders. This hybrid flaunts an 8.91 % CBD material and is known for its anti-spasm results and effective pain killing capacities.

Cannatonic – Cannatonic is an outcome of breeding an MK Ultra mom with a G13 Haze father. Cannatonic is understood to produce an almost perfect 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD; although some screening shows a CBD content of 8-12 % with THC in the 5-8 % range. This is an excellent strain for lessening anxiety, discomfort relief, and muscle spasms.

THC Strains

Tutankhamon by Pyramid Seeds – A specifically picked AK-47 variety with an intense skunk flavor and exceptionally high THC content. This strain was allegedly evaluated at Spannabis Barcelona 2011 at 33 % THC. This strain works excellent for appetite stimulation and managing interocular pressure.

Satori by Mandala Seeds – This high effectiveness hybrid is not for novices. With a 28 % THC content, this strain provides a clear, clean, cerebral high and is excellent for making medicinal extracts. This strain is one of the largest yielding of the high content THC strains available.

Y Griega by Medicinal Seeds – This strain has an impressive documented THC level of 27 %. This hybrid is composed of Amnesia Crossing bred with a Kali Mist. This timeless haze hybrid has an one-of-a-kind sweetness that separates this high THC plant from the others. Y Griega is comprised of 20 % Indica and 80 % Sativa.

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